MSH is a wholesale fashion company based within Glasgow, Scotland. The company was founded by owners Maggie and Ann in 2006 and due to popularity has grown from a small Notting Hill boutique in London, to the renowned wholesale company it is today. 

Specialising in trend focused clothing, scarves, and accessories, we pride ourselves on our unique and diverse range of designs. We have a large collection created by our in-house team of talented designers.  Our dedicated team source new and exciting products and fabrics from worldwide locations such as Italy, India, and China. Whether our customers are looking for light summer scarves or cosy winter knitwear, we supply a large variety of styles to suit everyone's taste. We also offer our customers the freedom to build their own collection, the way they visualise it – with a £100 minimum spend and single units available.

At MSH we are fully aware that times are changing and there is an importance to preserve the planet that we live in. As business we have a duty to strive to work in a more sustainable way. We are currently undertaking steps to improve this by changing all of our packaging to 100% recyclable materials, being more conscious of how our fabrics are sourced and reducing our carbon footprint by limiting the number of air shipments we receive, instead opting to import many of our styles by sea. This is the start of our conscious journey, and we will continue to learn and work to constantly improve in the future.